DNA Part Seven: End of the Line?

    DNA Part Seven: End of the Line? OK, I’ll admit it, for the last two years the most I did in my DNA search was to send out four identical, short, thought out letters to the last four known address of my birth mother.  All four were returned “Unknown. Return to Sender.” IContinue reading “DNA Part Seven: End of the Line?”

DNA Part Six: The Good and Bad News

Good and Bad News to Report.  First the Good News: I can’t believe it’s been over a year and a half since I have written about my DNA journey.  What a long quiet year 2015 was on the DNA front.  So many months have gone by with no new leads.  It was a tough year andContinue reading “DNA Part Six: The Good and Bad News”

DNA Part Two: The Waiting

Part Two The Waiting I’m getting close to the day.  The day my 23andMe DNA test will return and I’ll know my genetic heritage.  I’ve decided to  share the results with my two children first, then my mom and brother, (my father has passed).  Then share it here.  The story will not end with theContinue reading “DNA Part Two: The Waiting”

DNA Part One: It Begins

I have a 23andMe DNA kit and I’m not afraid to use it! If you follow my blog or know me a little more than most—like the way one may “know” Nutella after eating half a container—then you’ll know that I am adopted.  Orphaned, then adopted.   I literally made it 40 years not knowingContinue reading “DNA Part One: It Begins”