To The Right

Earlier this year, before the snowpack in the mountains, could build and the rains of the Northwest La Nina winter began, Padden Gorge Trail was dry and quiet. The creek was all but dried up. The cold air chased away many birds and I experienced the eerie sensation of standing in a silent forest.

Day 48: Love Thy Neighbor

“Mr. Coal operator call me anything you please, blue, green, or red, I aim to see to it that these Kentucky coal miners will not dig your coal while their little children are crying and dying for milk and bread.” — Aunt Molly Jackson, the ultimate Pistol Packin’ Mama,(1880-1960) This morning I’m thinking about TheContinue reading “Day 48: Love Thy Neighbor”

Christmas Letter 2015

  Round and Round 2015 seems like an amplified version of 2014 don’t you think? ¬†Except this year we had the added entertainment of an American Presidential race, promotional “stuff” for another Star Wars movie a la Disney, Kim’s booty and the Pope’s world tour to distract us. ¬†Finally, sick of the violence and injustice,Continue reading “Christmas Letter 2015”