Day 13: Just Getting Started

This morning I am thinking about timing.  I wonder how I would be handling this Stay Home, Stay Healthy state-wide mandate if it happened in any other decade.  I can imagine each decade in my timeline offering a different challenge and benefit to withstanding a pandemic.  My finances have the character of the Wheel ofContinue reading “Day 13: Just Getting Started”

Breakfast at Harris’s

Happy moments.  They show up in the most surprising places, such as a window seat  Harris Avenue Café in Fairhaven.  I’m an inventory taker.  Every so often I take a look at my life and take inventory, see how I’m doing in relationship to my goals.  The last two years have been disappointing on manyContinue reading “Breakfast at Harris’s”

Poem: Voice on the Trail

    Voice on the Trail “and at last I saw : wherethe road lay through sunlight and many voices and the marvelorchards, not for me, not for me, not for me.”  -from the poem ‘Then I Saw What the Calling Was’ by Muriel Rukeyser (1913-1980)   All the voices of the Wood called “Shannon!”Continue reading “Poem: Voice on the Trail”

Poetry: Droplet

Sitting with a warm cupsipping down the chamomilelooking up in awe at the droplets fall Abstract cutouts of dark treescreate the stage so I can view you descending from a silvery cloud What of that one drop?Where were you born?You came from the skyriding on a morning storm Where do you live?You go into theContinue reading “Poetry: Droplet”