Thursday Share DayWriters LOVE words. Can the right words change the nation? Yes. The other day a friend sent this news article over to me, and I’m letting you all in on it. This is not the first time I’ve read about the Bellingham Police using their Crisis Negotiator Team to de-escalate a situation. InContinue reading “De-escalation”

Poem: Committed

  Committed By Shannon P. Laws   Glazed eyes search for the right word It runs from you scared of what you might do to it A crowbar works at the hinge Pats of butter melt under the skin Bowl of round berries feeds flies While the smell of an idea the breath of aContinue reading “Poem: Committed”

Poem: Words Work

  Words Work by Shannon P. Laws   Consume whole sentences into your being by writers who never flew, can’t be true Hide in ignorance, uneducated writers that mass of writers Eat those words Dotted on the page set for the digestive tract turned for blood I wallow in my own mind this clay ofContinue reading “Poem: Words Work”