Poem: Tide Out

Tide Out The sail that leans on the light of duskGives subtle shade to the port sideLady Spider works hard in the cool shadowKnitting at the rail cornersShe bounces about her webForming it into the perfect triangle The window sits still Fathomless shades of grey and green churnOver and over foamy lips spray the airContinue reading “Poem: Tide Out”

Spider in the Corner

Rushing through my day I find few places to sit and rest, gather myself, collect my thoughts.  There is one place, a secret place, I found that I’d like to share with you. Somewhere on the college campus between room 120 and the math lab is a restroom.  Restrooms are common and not much ofContinue reading “Spider in the Corner”

Poetry: Spiders Dream

Moths fly in flocks in my dream, Spiders ride their backs binoculars at all eyes. Predator owns the meat, venom at the fang drips down the reins scopulas grip tight. The threat of death  makes moths fly longer  than they should. Heavy burden to carry eight legs more  your own. Spider’s spurs can not keep  the moth from  a porchContinue reading “Poetry: Spiders Dream”

Poetry: Web of Glass

There is a spiders home attached outside the top floor  window of the hospital. Its home faces south west; view of the woods. The dot-like body bounces in the wind  web too transparent  for me to ponder upon How many flies does it catch on the sixth floor? Not many, not enough Bugs that hit theContinue reading “Poetry: Web of Glass”

Spider Home

This year a spider has made its home in the drivers side rear-view mirror outside my car.  It’s a tiny little guy whose legs are just barley visible dangling down from the top edge of the mirror, in a hermit crab fashion. I only noticed it’s web the first time in June, when the sun hit the silk’sContinue reading “Spider Home”