Day 55: Aliens and Hospitals

Shower Thoughts:  It’s a compliment when family thinks of you as friends, and a compliment when friends think of you as family. So there is one conspiracy theory that the global economic meltdown was designed to finally 1) introduce us to aliens and 2) allow aliens to help us publically.  I’ve had a good timeContinue reading “Day 55: Aliens and Hospitals”

Ladybugs Day Out

For the past two months or so I have been doing what I can to support a friend whose husband is very ill.  I’m not too good in these situations, but I am pretty skilled at just sitting there and providing company.  Went to visit them both at the hospital the other week.  It wasContinue reading “Ladybugs Day Out”

Poetry: Web of Glass

There is a spiders home attached outside the top floor  window of the hospital. Its home faces south west; view of the woods. The dot-like body bounces in the wind  web too transparent  for me to ponder upon How many flies does it catch on the sixth floor? Not many, not enough Bugs that hit theContinue reading “Poetry: Web of Glass”