Poem: Tide Out

Tide Out The sail that leans on the light of duskGives subtle shade to the port sideLady Spider works hard in the cool shadowKnitting at the rail cornersShe bounces about her webForming it into the perfect triangle The window sits still Fathomless shades of grey and green churnOver and over foamy lips spray the airContinue reading “Poem: Tide Out”

Tuesday Morning

Once in line for the passenger ferry to Seattle, I could hear conversations about the event all around.  Meeting up with two ferry friends, we started to collect stories from each other.  Susan, a regular passenger ferry commuter who worked in the I.T. Department at a hospital downtown, had a cell phone with a news headlines service; it was a newer service at the time and not many people had it.  When she shouted out an update, those immediately around us would hush to listen.  While we waited on that cold dock for the boat to load she shouted out,