Poetry Club Talks…Composition Styles Part 3

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-pdth8-f5ebb1 Topic: Composition Methods Host: Ron Leatherbarrow Poems: “Housekeeper”, “River Ink”, “Her Hands” Recorded: December 19, 2020 In our final episode exploring personal styles of poetry composition, Shannon shares three poems written at different times, 2010, 2012, 2016, when her style shifted.  Her background in broadcasting plays an unexpected role, not only in her composition but also inContinue reading “Poetry Club Talks…Composition Styles Part 3”

Poetry: River Ink

Originally posted on shannon p. laws :
    River Ink Went to the river looking for a poem I found my familiar trail Winding woods that hug the bank Whatcom Creek in August Bushes high and Full of berries, Birds and spiders webs. Grass sways underwater Moving in sync with the river This what peace…

Whatcom Creek Fire

On June 10, 1999 around 3:25 P.M., a 16 inch fuel line owned by the Olympic Pipe Line Company ruptures spilling over 277,000 gallons of gasoline into Whatcom Creek.  The volatile fuel explodes killing three people.  The massive fireball sent smoke 30,000 feet into the air, visible from Anacortes to Vancouver! One and a half miles ofContinue reading “Whatcom Creek Fire”

Event: WIN Canada 2013

Please consider attending the second annual Writers International Network  March 23rd, at the Richmond Cultural Centre, Richmond, Canada WIN is about promoting peace through understanding.   Ashok, the founder, shares the groups vision in this statement: ‘An artist’s gift to the world is a poem, story, painting, sculpture or dance. WIN will seek, nourish andContinue reading “Event: WIN Canada 2013”