Poetry Club

Poetry Club Bellingham Hosted by Ron Leatherbarrow, retired poetry professor, 4th Sat, 10-12, at a Bellingham café. Classic poetry discussed, original poetry read. Facebook Group Site: https://www.facebook.com/Poetryclubbellingham/ After taking Ron’s Intro to Poetry class Spring quarter I fell in love with this kind, intelligent, antidote-filled instructor.  I’m not the only one.  I organized a Saturday morningContinue reading “Poetry Club”

Poem: Lining of My Mind

    The future comes to me quickly premonition stands outside the window, framed to be seen stands politely ‘til the door opens the right door at the right time   Tea or coffee? A blanket for your lap? It’s cold outside where time weathers as a pacific swirl over the peninsula, hooked on peaks.Continue reading “Poem: Lining of My Mind”

Poem: Comforter

Soft fog is silent atop Lake Samish The sleepy water snores against its shore Glacier waters bounce off rock-face leaping down into the warm bed like cold feet. The lake sits as milk on the bottom of the bowl A ring of jagged evergreens holds it all down I squint and the view is aContinue reading “Poem: Comforter”

Meet Writer Elizabeth Vignali

Meet Bellingham writer Elizabeth Vignali.  Her new poetry book Object Permanence, published by Finishing Line Press, is ready for it’s November release and quickly receiving high praise.  I first heard Elizabeth share her poetry at an open mic here in town about two years ago.  She approached the mic with an uncommon grace, and read her work asContinue reading “Meet Writer Elizabeth Vignali”

Book: Odd Little Things

So happy to announce that my book is out, and ready for purchase! “Odd Little Things” Released June 2014 Purchase your copy here: http://www.villagebooks.com/book/9780692222355 Description The 2013 Mayor’s Arts Award recipient, poet, author and community radio personality, Shannon P. Laws, celebrates glory in the little things, the odd little things to be exact. “Odd LittleContinue reading “Book: Odd Little Things”

Poetry: September Bellingham

Down the hill my city sits Waves nip at its hair Freeway scratches the belly Mountains hold down its hip Low mist rolled in early, refuses to leave this cove Down into the clouds I walk, floating up into a subdued world Here exhales are marked, Talk can be seen Sun baths buildings in a peach-warmContinue reading “Poetry: September Bellingham”