Poetry Club Talks…with Rena Priest

Special guest poet Rena Priest joins Poetry Club for a discussion today!  Ron asks Rena about her composition process, how does narrative defines the poetic impulse for her and helps shape her poems, what the Washington Poet Laureate interview was like, and more.  Afterward, the discussion opens up to the group for a short Q & A.  Please join us!

Poetry Club Talks…Rena Priest Part 2

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-bsxbv-1049811 Topic: Rena Priest, Washington State Poet Laureate 2021-22 Host: Ron Poems: “Toward a Beautiful Flare of Ruin” and “The Perils of Flight” Recorded: May 23, 2021 Rena Priest_Select Poems In our discussions, we admire, among many strengths, how thoughtfully Rena’s poems are structured and crafted. The poems in her first book focus on the cultureContinue reading “Poetry Club Talks…Rena Priest Part 2”

Poetry Club Talks…Rena Priest Part 1

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-fy9p6-103f3fb Topic: Rena Priest, Washington State Poet Laureate 2021-22 Host: Ron Poems: Various (see below) Recorded: May 15, 2021 Rena Priest_Select Poems This week Poetry Club discusses three poems by Rena Priest, the 2021-22 Washington State Poet Laureate.  Her work draws on history, scientific ephemera, and pop culture to tell stories and seek truths.  Her word choice isContinue reading “Poetry Club Talks…Rena Priest Part 1”

Writer’s Shout Out

Earlier this month Rena Priest, a poet, writer, producer and community activist, interviewed me for her new radio program “Writer’s Shout Out”. Her one-hour interview program takes a look at the life of a writer and the things that inspire them. This program aired on the non-profit, community station KZAX-LP FM 94.9 last week. It wasContinue reading “Writer’s Shout Out”