Day 5: Miscounted Stock of TP

The Daily Dose of Internet is one of my favorite chill channels.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  It is difficult to NOT watch too much TV during the lockdown.  As a lover of zombie movies, I noticed there are MORE zombie and epidemic movies lined up in my Hulu and NetflixContinue reading “Day 5: Miscounted Stock of TP”

Event: Honeymoon Open Mic

You’re invited to the event of a lifetime… Tuesday, June 19 at 8:30 PM – 10 PM at the Honeymoon,  1053 N State St, Bellingham WA Encore performance! Poet Shannon Laws hosts a Honeymoon poetry OPEN MIC followed by her “You Love Me, You Love Me Not” beat poetry program accompanied by stand up bassist, Greg Sherman. Shannon’s freshContinue reading “Event: Honeymoon Open Mic”