Hello Again & Election Predictions

Hello, I’m back.  Did I miss anything? On August 8th I took my blog down while I submitted a collection of poems to publishers for a chapbook publication.  I’m happy to report a lovely digital magazine picked it up.  Well, not the whole collection as submitted.  They selected 6 of the 23 poems in theContinue reading “Hello Again & Election Predictions”

Day 62: Arguing with Myself

Shower Thoughts from Twitter: If we saw souls instead of bodies, our definition of beauty perfection and our world would be so different. It’s been a few days.  The days between entries of this Pandemic 2020 Journal have larger spaces between them.  But I am still here, do not worry my five followers, do notContinue reading “Day 62: Arguing with Myself”

Poem: For Selene

For Selene by Shannon Laws   The Earth’s weavers are busy their low wages and long hours fruit of their labors stolen by mouthless machines nature weaves for us a marvelous blanket new every morning No one questions the cost We stand peacefully in line wait for our treats listen to hits of the 80’s toContinue reading “Poem: For Selene”

Poetry: Christopher Titus Save Me!

The following is an embellished account based on a real experience. Inspired by the poem “the 12 hour night” by Charlies Bukowski from his book “what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”   Christopher Titus Save Me! By Shannon Laws “…our bodies were worn, our spirits whipped. there was a senseContinue reading “Poetry: Christopher Titus Save Me!”

Poem: Broth

Broth Ten dollars an hour for twelve hours —watch, stir, refill, stir again and watch. My tool a large paddle punishes coconut clumps Beats at them and their natural oil-tendency. Tomorrow I’ll beat at raisins Somebody’s gotta do it. My day hovers at various levels of self-induced hypnosis I’m on a lake of coconut directingContinue reading “Poem: Broth”