Day 7: Cherry Blossoms

It is Day 7 of the Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate in Washington State. As of the writing of this journal, there is 3166 dead from the virus in our country, 211 happened in Washington, which puts us second behind New Yorks 1342.

The cherry, apple and plum blossoms are blooming right now!  They still sing and shine in their bright pink & white glory despite a smaller audience.  Nature doesn’t need applause or recognition to perform, it’s always magnificent.

Me: The cure is worst than the cause! Millions of people are losing their homes, their small businesses and jobs, many are starving, domestic violence rate is increasing, people whose homes are NOT safe are now locked into them– to save what?– 100-200,000 people from dying of a virus?  This whole “shelter in place” crap is a scam, a mass hypnosis event, designed to kill off more poor people!

Also me, in the grocery store: Hey! Keep your snotty nose 6 feet away, buddy!

1) an observed joy- One of my tenants asked for call today.  I thought maybe she needed something fixed.  However, she just wanted to talk.  We talked for about a half-hour. It was nice.

My second joy- I went to my office today to bring in the mail.  My Christmas cactus, gifted to me in December, was wilting. I forgot all about it this month! I gave it some water and took it home.  I’m glad it was still alive.

2) a real concern- I learn today that the main hospital in Whatcom County has only 253 beds. (WTH right?)  Also, the snobby directors of the hospital fired a whistleblower (see below). The +900 strong local nurses union is demanding his return.

My second concern is I shopped at a smaller, more expensive grocery store for a week’s worth of meals today, paid an extra $80 above what I normally would for food for the sake of smaller exposure to crowds. I can’t afford to do this again in 8 days.

3) a personal challenge- I’m in search of liquid bleach for one of the tenants.  I did not go for a walk around the neighborhood today, but I did walk some obscure places seeking bleach, The Dollar Store and Home Depo hardware.  I did not find bleach. The tenant has a high-risk immune system and only uses vinegar/water or bleach/water to clean her home due to allergies to artificial smells, and asked me to help them find some.

4) one personal success (no matter how small)-  Tonight I ate leftovers and rearranged the pantry to make space for a soup shelf.

5) a random thought (no matter how silly)- I think I would look good in braids.  Two long braids.


BELLINGHAM – An emergency room physician who publicly decried what he called a lack of protective measures against the novel coronavirus at his workplace, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, has been fired.

Ming Lin, who has worked at the hospital for 17 years and became a local cause célèbre for his pleas for more safety equipment and more urgent measures to protect staff, was informed of his termination as he was preparing for a shift at the hospital Friday afternoon, he said.

“I got a message that said, ‘Your shift has been covered,’” Lin told The Seattle Times. He phoned his supervisor and was told, “You’ve been terminated.” Lin said he was told he would be contacted by human resources staff from his employer, TeamHealth, a national firm that contracts with PeaceHealth’s emergency department.

Hospital administrators this week announced a series of protective measures, such as temperature screening of staff entering the building, plans to enhance separation of staff from infected patients, and the availability of tents to conduct outside screening if deemed necessary.

…Lin and other hospital staff noted that most or all of these measures came after Lin’s treatises prompted a community outcry. Meanwhile, Lin maintains the measures fail to meet standards set by other regional hospitals and even smaller health care facilities.

PeaceHealth St. Joseph is the only emergency facility for some 250,000 people in the state’s northwest corner.

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