Day 8: Figure Eight

Day 8 of the mandate: self-repair
toilet paper roll count is 33.

Two people I crossed paths with today mentioned the phrase “self-care”. In context they shared they are taking care of others and needed to take care of themselves before they got sick. I replied with the phrase “age of grace”. We are in a time of grace.  Take it easy and be kind to yourself and others.  Give those around us more room and time.

Everything is going to be OK.

An acquaintance of mine, who normally chats for about 10 minutes then continues on his way, talked with me for 45 minutes this afternoon (keeping a safe distance of course).  He said he and his wife have all their family staying at their home, the kids, including an adult child who is back from college, his father and mother in law.; sounds like about 8 people.  People are sleeping on the floors!  He, like me, has two jobs that are labeled essential during the pandemic.  However, he can’t work from home.  He leaves early in the morning works 12 hours and comes home, stepping over people to get to his own bedroom.  He said he had to have a family meeting because the dishes were piling up in the sink.  He said, “Hey! This house should be spotless.  There are too many of us living here that we can’t keep it clean.  My paycheck feeds you, you, and you.  The least you could do is clean up after yourself.”  He shared for a long time, and I listened.

1) an observed joy- I love completing a job. I returned to my office to take care of the once a month things that cannot be done from home.  It felt good when I had it completed.

2) a real concern- a person who I know to be over 75 came into my breathing space today, It was for a brief moment, I adjusted quickly by backing away.  Perhaps they forgot about the 6 feet distancing. I have not been sick for over a year nor do I have any signs of the virus. I wonder if I am a carrier.  I hope that person does not get sick.

3) a personal challenge- It is time for me to dust my bookshelf and clean out my file cabinet.  So many spiders want to be discovered and silly things need to be tossed out.

4) one personal success (no matter how small)- I live in a hilly part of town. Figured out if I figure eight around three by four square blocks near my home, I can get my heart rate up walking fast UP hills and not be too far from home.

5) a random thought (no matter how silly)- My son encouraged me to try a video game to relax.  He even suggested downloading VRchat to talk to others.  I am thinking about it. What would my avatar look like?

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