These Things Shall Pass

Do you know what the best day to be at Disneyland was?  September 12, 2001. On the day after September 11th, while all planes over the skies of America were grounded, my neighbors loaded up their Subaru and drove like a bat out of hell to Disneyland. They were a young Disney fanatical-couple with earlyContinue reading “These Things Shall Pass”

Poem: Peek-A-Boo

    ~For Danny & Ethan That one time we learned if we stopped seeing something—it was really gone. Then that other time when we discover that was a lie. Let me teach you peek-a-boo cover your eyes I’m gone. Uncover I’m back. How strange to be gone in a minute!  A man signs aContinue reading “Poem: Peek-A-Boo”