SOCIAL DISTANCING | SOCIAL JUSTICE Video credit: The brief history of racism within the Minnesota police explained by reporter Rachel Maddow, MSNBC.  #GeorgeFloyd This morning my bedroom is dark.  An early morning thunderstorm blocks the sky.  It formed over Seattle, traveled 90 miles to reach Bellingham at 9:12.  It swipes across our landscape as itContinue reading “Day 68: SAY THEIR NAMES”

Day 32: TGIF I think…it’s Friday right?

Shower Thoughts: Last night my friend asked to use a USB port to charge his cigarette, but I was using it to charge my book. The future is stupid. Happy Friday everyone!  Oh wait, IS IT Friday?  I’m not sure.  Let’s see- Traffic looks like a Sunday afternoon, every day feels like a Saturday, kinda,Continue reading “Day 32: TGIF I think…it’s Friday right?”

Warm Worm

Warm Worm Moss-heavy limbs fall from charge of a warm southern wind rest in a compost graveyard of other arms that have been Once boasted of leaves awarded with weighted sog pray if awarded knees low water releases a fog Time will turn you into swamps breath and a story told around the table AsContinue reading “Warm Worm”

These Things Shall Pass

Do you know what the best day to be at Disneyland was?  September 12, 2001. On the day after September 11th, while all planes over the skies of America were grounded, my neighbors loaded up their Subaru and drove like a bat out of hell to Disneyland. They were a young Disney fanatical-couple with earlyContinue reading “These Things Shall Pass”