March Corridor

The March edition of Corridor is out and about. Please keep your eyes out for it around town. It’s a little 5×7 10-page zine, sitting there, wanting to wish you a good day. One more zine to go and the project will end. Poetry Month 2022 to Poetry Month 2023.

“Moss” is a sample of a poem in the zine. Hope you enjoy it.


Stepping through the grove,
I see it all around me.
On the thatched roof of
a cottage, on rock and tree.

I stop and sit on my heels
to feel its delight.
Soft and palpably damp
from the dew overnight.

How comforting, this moss,
in a world that’s so prickly;
thistles and branches and
people terribly finicky.

So thank you, I say,
today to the moss,
for the calm and splendor
with which I’ve been embossed.

by Tyson Higel

Tyson Higel is a nursing student at Whatcom Community
College, and living in Bellingham, WA. If he’s not with patients or studying his coursework, he is, almost
certainly, working on his poems and short stories.

Kaori Brown, Journal artist and novice poet from Fairhaven

An artist, poet, and freelance writer,
J.I. Kleinberg lives in Bellingham, Washington, USA, and
on Instagram @jikleinberg. Her visual poems have been
published in print and online journals worldwide.

Linda Conroy, a Bellingham resident, likes to write about the complexity of the behaviors that make us
human and influence our connection with the natural world, especially in these times of change. Her two poetry
collections, Ordinary Signs and Familiar Sky are available at Village Books.

Jennifer Dannenberg, Gemini. Twins who are always arguing amongst themselves. Neither wins, or both do

Elizabeth Jane Pryce was born in England but raised in the Caribbean until she was fourteen years when she returned to
England. Before moving to Bellingham, she survived the emotional turmoil of cultural changes, a new family, marriage, and three children. Jane has lived in the same house for thirty years, and is a memoirist, a poet, and a landscaper.

Published by Shannon Laws

Like my writing? Want to hear me read my poetry? Please visit and download some today. Only $1.00 a poem! Shannon Laws is a Pacific Northwest poet, voice-over talent, and podcast producer. She is the author of four poetry books, the most recent “Fallen” published by Independent Writer’s Studio Press. Shannon has received two Mayor’s Arts Awards and the Community Champion Award for promoting local artists and encouraging peace and understanding through community poetry events. She makes her home in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

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