Poem: Dust



twinkle with

flecks of our skin

rubbed off from touch, rubbed off

 as dry soil spinning from a sedimentary cliff

layers of time pressed into the stripes we call days

Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona


Poetry: Graduation

The average person gets 432 haircuts in their lifetime
For you I wonder- too many, or not enough?
Regardless, you will not like most of them
Every seven years your skin is completely renewed
From scalp to toes
A new birthday suit is knitted
You will use at least 150 toothbrushes
from baby teeth or wisdoms,
and swallow just as many spiders
or so the legend goes…
All useless statistics.
The valuable questions are:
How many haircuts until you find yourself?
How much skin must be shed before
it’s thick enough to stand up in battle?
How many spiders must be swallowed
before humbleness stains the lips?
Only you know. 
I ask myself these questions today.
There are many questions.
However, when you find an answer
Your eyes will recognize it.
That day your heart will ring true!
Bells sounding across your id,
Oh, that cavernous landscape of echos!
We graduate many times, not just today.
May you celebrate each one
May you love life and all its folly
May you walk upright and with purpose
You have made it this far
I promise you, it will only get better.