Ides of March and 2012 (again)

*My most popular blog post for two years running.  As we approach 12/21/12 are you more anxious or just taking it all in stride?  Written: March 10, 2009Edited: March 27, 2011 The Ides of March, per the Roman calendar is March 15th. In Roman times, the Ides of March was a festive day dedicated to theContinue reading “Ides of March and 2012 (again)”

Poetry: Graduation

Student: The average person gets 432 haircuts in their lifetime For you I wonder- too many, or not enough? Regardless, you will not like most of them Every seven years your skin is completely renewed From scalp to toes A new birthday suit is knitted You will use at least 150 toothbrushes from baby teeth or wisdoms, andContinue reading “Poetry: Graduation”