Day 58: God, is it over yet?

Shower Thoughts:  Being proactive is rarely rewarded because if your actions avoid a tragedy, there is no tragedy to prove your actions were warranted. Hello.  Whatcha up to?  Do you ever stare at the popcorn bumps in the ceiling and try to find shapes?  Sometimes I do. This morning the sun is sleeping behind theContinue reading “Day 58: God, is it over yet?”

Event: King’s Book Feature

You’re invited~ The City of Tacoma and Puget Sound Poetry Presents “The Distinguished Writer Series” March 11th , 2016  7:00 p.m. Kings Bookstore, 218 St. Helens, Tacoma WA Featured Reader: Shannon P. Laws “To date, this event in Tacoma is the farthest I’ve traveled to feature. Thank you Connie Walle, , for organizing this gathering.  I lookContinue reading “Event: King’s Book Feature”