Day 58: God, is it over yet?

Shower Thoughts:  Being proactive is rarely rewarded because if your actions avoid a tragedy, there is no tragedy to prove your actions were warranted. Hello.  Whatcha up to?  Do you ever stare at the popcorn bumps in the ceiling and try to find shapes?  Sometimes I do. This morning the sun is sleeping behind theContinue reading “Day 58: God, is it over yet?”

Credentialing vs. Educating

Happy New Year! Every year they blow up the Space Needle in Seattle, my home town.  The firework engineers attempt to create a new show every year.  It is probably a challenge given the structure they have to work with.  Same structure, different show. I feel a little like I need a “new show”.  GoingContinue reading “Credentialing vs. Educating”