Poetry Club Talks…Rita Dove Part 1

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-jfk76-109c269 Topic: Rita Dove Host: Shannon Poem: “Rusks” Recorded: July 24, 2021 Rita Dove – Poems Discussed Shannon hosts the discussion on the well-known modern American poet Rita Dove.  Playing “devil’s advocate,” Shannon asks, “Do award-winning poets write amazing poetry—consistently?”  Perhaps you’ve wondered this yourself while reading a famous poem? If you remove the famousContinue reading “Poetry Club Talks…Rita Dove Part 1”

South Beach

This poem “South Beach” was written back in 2010 and later published in my first poetry chapbook “Madrona Grove” in 2013. It is what some would call a “process poem” where the writer uses the art of poetry to process a real event in their life. Of all the poems in the book THIS isContinue reading “South Beach”

Introduction to Discovery

Here is a poem from my latest book, “You Love Me, You Love Me Not” available on Amazon and at Village Books in Bellingham, WA. The book is an audio book and has a chap book accompaniment. The poem may come across as obvious to some. However, the book and this poem are attempts to explore that level of comfort and communication between two people who can read each other with eyes closed.

Poetry Club Talks…Wallace Stevens poem The Snow Man

This week at Poetry Club we ask what Is poetry analysis? Poetry analysis is examining the independent elements of a poem to understand the literary work in its entirety.  Poetry Club member Lynn will host the discussion on the poem “The Snow Man” by Wallace Stevens  (1879 – 1955) and we analyze the heck out of it.

Poetry Club Talks…Lawrence Ferlinghetti Part 2

This week Poetry Club Talks finishes our discussion about the late poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  We take a look at a few of his signature poems, discuss word selection, rhyme and speculate on the author’s intention.

Poetry Club Talks…Lawrence Ferlinghetti Part 1

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-vswwh-fce29c Topic: Lawrence Ferlinghetti Host: Ron Poems: “I Am Waiting”, “The Changing Light”, “Natural History” Recorded: March 6, 2021 Ferlinghetti Poems Discussed This week Poetry Club Talks about the late Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  We take a look at a few of his signature poems, discuss tone and form.  Ron is the host.  He shares these thoughts, “TheContinue reading “Poetry Club Talks…Lawrence Ferlinghetti Part 1”

Poetry Club Talks…Margaret Atwood Part 1

In the first five minutes we reflect on the career of actor Christopher Plummer, who passed away the day before we met, February 5th.
Poetry Club begins a two-part series exploring the new poetry work of Margaret Atwood.

Drafts and Thoughts

Below are two poem drafts to share today. I’d love some feedback if you’re up for it.
I was in Village Books the other day and saw my book “Fallen” on the shelf. It came out in 2017, four years ago. Hmmmmm… If I were to guess, I think I have one more poetry book in me, possibly by 2022.