Poetry: Transform

Transformation of person to poet One day something grabs you without touching An idea lingers in your mind, like garlic on the tongue A vision walks all over you placing footprints on your being without leaving a bruise Words become puzzles you have to solve You write, you type, you scratch an equation out hopingContinue reading “Poetry: Transform”

Poetry Warm Up

Last Saturday I attended a class taught by Wendy Call “Self-Editors Toolkit: Improve Your Own Prose” at the Chuckanut Writers Conference.  During the class she had us do a fun poetry practice game or warm up.  Thought I would share it with you here.  I enjoyed doing this, perhaps you will also.  I find thatContinue reading “Poetry Warm Up”

Vera Pavlova

“The ovaries of a newborn girl contain up to 400,000 egg cells.” All my poems are already in me.”  ~Vera Pavlova About three months ago a friend gave me a copy of the Poetry Foundation’s magazine “Poetry”.  The magazine was founded in 1912 by Harriet Monroe.  Although it’s been around for a hundred years it’sContinue reading “Vera Pavlova”

Poetry: Perhaps

It’s Monday and a great day for art and poetry!  Every Monday night is Poetry Night open mic in downtown Bellingham.  Last week Robert gave out a prompt that I couldn’t resist: What should be done with your body upon your death.  All week I’ve been thinking about this.  What writer doesn’t enjoy writing orContinue reading “Poetry: Perhaps”

Alberto Rios Poetry

At last night at Chuckanut Sandstone’s open mic, Sandra F. Lucke shared the work of poet Alberto Rios.  Carla, the group leader, read his poem “Refugio’s Hair” and the world shook!This wonderful poet makes his home in Sedona, AZ.  Ríos is a Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University, where he has taught for over 30 years and where he holdsContinue reading “Alberto Rios Poetry”

Poetry: Gray Braided Gardener

Seeds of joy Toss from her fingertips Green LIFE yawns awake on the shady side of Nobles Always in spring she is Radiating beams of new LIFE Kneading it into the earth Everywhere she goes LIFE follows her or does she create it? A goddess tramping through the desert leaving behind her a forest ~DedicatedContinue reading “Poetry: Gray Braided Gardener”

Poetry: Universal Love

The 2012 “Phrasings in Word + Dance” is on!  Bellingham Repertory Dance presented its sixth annual collaboration with Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theater this weekend.  What a great three days of art and insight. Carla and the BRD company have outdone themselves, again.   This year I was selected, along with 5 other poets, to write a poemContinue reading “Poetry: Universal Love”

Powered by Poetry

Last night at Poetry Night’s open mic I ran into another Mary Oliver fan.  I find it exciting to meet new people and hear their story.  This poetry fan told me she doesn’t write poetry, she just comes to listen.  However, one night, about six months ago, she read the Mary Oliver poem “The Journey”.  I wasContinue reading “Powered by Poetry”

Poetry: Winter Prayer

This morning the sky changed.  The wind came from a different direction than what I was used to, catching me by surprise and creating a sense of curiosity within me.  The trees I walked under moved and swayed to the song of the wind, making for a lovely dance.  The wind combed threw the branchesContinue reading “Poetry: Winter Prayer”