Crab Shannon Laws A foam washed wreckage to shore breath-bubbles pop in the thin light Early beachcomber fights the gulls for a freshly delivered treasure The minute before dawn you grab it’s back Carry it to your kitchen for a slow boil With a crack, a glut of juices spill out Lips suck at theContinue reading “Crab”

Poem: For Selene

For Selene by Shannon Laws   The Earth’s weavers are busy their low wages and long hours fruit of their labors stolen by mouthless machines nature weaves for us a marvelous blanket new every morning No one questions the cost We stand peacefully in line wait for our treats listen to hits of the 80’s toContinue reading “Poem: For Selene”

Poem: Broth

Broth Ten dollars an hour for twelve hours —watch, stir, refill, stir again and watch. My tool a large paddle punishes coconut clumps Beats at them and their natural oil-tendency. Tomorrow I’ll beat at raisins Somebody’s gotta do it. My day hovers at various levels of self-induced hypnosis I’m on a lake of coconut directingContinue reading “Poem: Broth”