Day 36: Writers Life

Organizing my poetry folder this morning, I found a little day-in-the-life story from October 2018.  It is primarily about the way fickle inspiration for a poem or a short story sometimes comes to you, and if you’re not disciplined enough, it flies away, forgotten forever.  Thought I would share it today. A poetess friend ofContinue reading “Day 36: Writers Life”

Jokes About Writers

Some of my favorite jokes about writers(because we’re so weird) How many screenwriters does it take to change a light bulb?Answer: Ten.1st draft. Hero changes light bulb.2nd draft. Villain changes light bulb.3rd draft. Hero stops villain from changing light bulb. Villain falls to death.4th draft. Lose the light bulb.5th draft. Light bulb back in. FluorescentContinue reading “Jokes About Writers”