Day 43: Negative

Shower Thoughts: It’s adorable we thought 2016 was a terrible year because about 40 famous people died.   People are comparing 2020 to other years.  Is this the worst?  Maybe.  On a global scale, I would have to say “YES.”  The economic damage worldwide is like nothing we’ve seen.  The extreme pressures on a household toContinue reading “Day 43: Negative”

Poem: Apocalypse Pantry

  Apocalypse Pantry by Shannon Laws   I have found the warm caves in the woods filled them with boxes of mac n’ cheese tuna fish cans and cheap scented candles Innumerable goods A possessed witch is misunderstood no matter how frugal I am such a witch waved my nude arms at the townspeople walkedContinue reading “Poem: Apocalypse Pantry”