Prose poem: Smells Like Winning

In the winter of 2018-19, I walked by a cemetery and crematorium to catch my bus.  Dragging my knuckles home after an unsatisfying day, uphill no less, pass the body markers of others, and the rush of evening traffic. —These are moments poets DREAM of!  I am thankful for the times we walk among metaphors.Continue reading “Prose poem: Smells Like Winning”

2018 World Peace Poets

You’re invited…   “You can sign-up to read or sing your words on peace at   …We are very excited about this year’s line-up of international readers, but there’s still lots of room. Please send us an e-mail or call me so we can give you a time. I will send out the schedule onContinue reading “2018 World Peace Poets”

Sharing Poetry at Kendall Elementary

On March 8th historian and award-winning fiction author, Janet Oakley and I visited Kendall Elementary to share an introduction to poetry and encourage 4th graders to write their own poetry. This project is inspired by the depression era Civilian Conservation Corps statue dedication.  On June 16, 2018, at the Glacier Ranger Station built by CCC workers, the statueContinue reading “Sharing Poetry at Kendall Elementary”

2018 Poem Booth Kickstarter

2018 Poem Booth Kickstarter December 6th – January 20th   Team Poem Booth announces a 2018 Kickstarter to raise money for the continued support of the Poem Booth located on Forest and Holly at the downtown Community Food Co-op.   The Poem Booth Kickstarter is LIVE December 6th through January 20th. We had an amazing 2017Continue reading “2018 Poem Booth Kickstarter”