Day 34: Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Shower Thought: It’s crazy that’s there’s this giant thing in the sky all the time that we’re not supposed to look at.

So my friend has a great idea for a COVID-19 cure.  It is a rectal suppository of sunlight, UV rays.  At last, if marketed, you could buy some for your mother in law and tell her to “stick it where the sun don’t shine!” with no repercussions.  New puns are being developed as I type…

WA ST curve as of April 15th

The future is full of possibilities. like going to out to dinner with friends, hanging out at the coffee shop writing all afternoon, going to a concert.  Yes, it is possible we could do all of that again, one day.  Washington’s lockdown is supposed to end May 4th.  The state will reopen in stages.  Our curve is pretty low.  Good job everyone!  My questions is will phase two involve temperature testing incoming traffic at our airports, bus lines, trains, and cars?  I’m sending some suspicious eyes at those anti-mask types in Idaho right now.

It reminds me of the freeway off-ramp search checkpoints in Southern Arizona. Arizona was a confusing place for the police.  They really wanted to stop any driver that “LOOKED Mexican.”  A co-worker of mine was often stopped, but sorry cops, he is Filipino, born and raised in America. My dark complexion, a gift from my Cuban father, also caused confusion driving to from home in Rio Rico to work in Tucson. Every morning, border patrol flagged me over to be questioned and have the drug dog sniff my car.

After about the 6th time they remembered my car and let me pass. So, in the time of COVID, people don’t necessarily LOOK sick. It’s such a difficult virus to nail down and finding an enemy, a group to blame, well, fingers are pointing in every direction.  Why can’t we be more creative in our hate and distrust?  Could a new license plate prejudice develop? (again looking at Idaho…)  When the British Columbia, Idaho and Oregon plates return to our state, let’s hope they all have notes from their doctors.

Out for my evening close-to-home walk, I was delighted to stumble across the Happy Valley Howl at 7 pm last week. Every evening at 7:00 pm neighbors walk out to their front steps and let out some serious primeval therapy into the skies for about 5 minutes! Reached at least out & over three blocks in both directions. I understand that neighborhoods in Wisconsin and California also howl.  I joined in and I must say…I really needed it!  A howl can say so much more than words.  It symbolizes your location, you’re here, you’re well. It can also be a shout to the virus to leave our neighborhood- disease and want get out! Be gone!

That is all I have today; satire. *long sigh* Here is my mood expressed by meme.  Have a good day, players.  -Shannon

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