Event: SeaFeast 2017

You’re invited…

Seafeast presents


Bellingham SeaFeast 2017 promises you a setting of endless fun and
the fabulous food fare of the surrounding bay and straits.
A memorable gathering for family and friends.

Hope you can come on down and catch some FisherPoet action!  I’ll be reading with the group at Boundary Bay Mountain Room featuring poets from 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm.  My time slot is 8:15.  I’ve selected two pieces to read, a prose about shock and awe of working on a fish processing assembly line and a poem of a woman of the soil who yearns for a lover to leave the sea.  Last year was a blast, the room was packed! Many good poets.  Many good stories.  Hope you see you there. Details below. -Shannon



Friday, Sept. 22, 2017 | Downtown Bellingham

Downtown Bellingham comes alive on Friday night to jump-start Bellingham SeaFeast 2017 with music, storytelling, poetry readings, and sea shanties ( sing-a-longs).

Fishers from near and far, accustomed to mending and hauling nets, will show up to pluck guitar strings and entertain with original poems, stories, and songs over local ales (brewed right in the setting at Boundary Bay).

FisherPoets will take place at:

Boundary Bay Brewery, Honey Moon, & Chuckanut Brewery.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at Village Books in Fairhaven

SeaFeed at the Square tickets include admission into all FisherPoet venues.

Published by

Shannon Laws

Shannon P. Laws, born in Seattle, Washington, lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. Author of three poetry books, "Madrona Grove", "Odd Little Things", and "Fallen" and an audiobook of her select mid-life dating satire poems, "You Love Me, Your Love Me Not". For seven years she produced award-winning community radio programs that promoted the PNW music/art community. Shannon's other interests include operating her voice-over company, Chickadee Productions, and Poetry Club. Since 2015 Poetry Club is dedicated to the neighborhood discussion and sharing of poetry.

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