Peace Poem: Feminist Sunrise

“This year at the 3rd annual World Peace Poets “Read-In for Peace” event I read the poem pasted below.  It stems from a moment in a day when, perhaps, you realize the day will continue whether or not you join it; the clock does not stop, and time marches on.  A simple fact of our universe is that the planets will always spin.  There is more to say, but maybe the poem will tell you how I found a moment of peace.” ~SPL

Canada, Alberta, Banff National Park, A dramatic sunrise over Mount Rundle from the Vermillion Lakes
Photo credit: Jon Cornforth (one of my personal favorites) Canada, Alberta, Banff National Park, A dramatic sunrise over Mount Rundle from the Vermillion Lakes,


Feminist Sunrise

It was a feminist morning

The sun came up because it wanted to.

—it really did.

and it demanded that I respect it’s decision.

and I did—I really did.


I was thankful that the sun always rose

Even those days I couldn’t see it

even the days in deep winter when I

questioned it’s existence

—it is there.


A bookmark in the sky.

Reliable as clockwork.

A thing of legends.

A monument to time itself,

whether I saw it,

whether I believed.

Because some things are true,

whether you believe in them

—or not.



Published by

Shannon Laws

Shannon P. Laws, born in Seattle, Washington, lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. Author of three poetry books, "Madrona Grove", "Odd Little Things", and "Fallen" and an audiobook of her one-woman satire show on mid-life dating, "You Love Me, You Love Me Not". For seven years she produced award-winning community radio programs that promoted the PNW indie music & art community. Shannon's other interests include operating her voice-over company, Chickadee Productions, and Poetry Club. Since 2015 Poetry Club is dedicated to the neighborhood discussion and sharing of poetry, now available on Podbean at

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