Event: Bellingham Poetry Gallery

poet gallery
This gorgeous poster, made by none other than Jacob Tobey

You’re invited…

May 8th, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

at the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention

on Bay Street

Erica Reed is a visionary.  Did you know there were 18 poetry groups and open mics in our medium sized city of Bellingham? (really 19, but one can’t make it) At most I thought perhaps only 5 or 6.  Erica has found them ALL and is calling all poets to a gathering or words, hand-shakes and other merriment.  This is the FIRST TIME our city of poets has gathered all the poet groups in one place.  If you are a poet looking for a poet “family”, or want to learn about other open mics / slams this is a DON’T MISS event!  I’ll be there humbly representing the Village Books Poetry Group.  Its time to nerd out folks!  -SPL

Erica shares:

“Eighteen of Bellingham’s finest literary organizations have offered poets for an evening of performance and creative cross pollination.

This event is free.

Bellingham is a town brimming with poets. Many of us don’t know each other. Let’s change that.

The Bellingham Poetry Gallery will display just some of the wealth of poets and poetry that Bellingham has to offer. BPG is about community. The point of this reading is not to muddy our town’s poetry and poets into one amorphous group, but rather to recognize our diversity and to appreciate that diversity. Most importantly, we hope to inspire each other with poetry that is outside of our familiar, from poets who are outside of our familiar circles.

This is a gallery in its truest sense. We are placing our town’s poets and poetry in one room for an evening of shared indulgence in our uniting passion. We are poets, and we are sharing poetry.

Please arrive at 6pm to mingle and snack and to enjoy the musical stylings of Jeff Reier.
Poetry will begin at 6:30pm, with an intermission at 7:45. At 8 we will continue with our performers and we will end the evening around 9, so that you can go home and digest.”


Erica has asked me to join in the SPOKE & WORD biking /poetry event Bellingham leg happening this Friday.  I’ll be standing under this giant wall mural, near old city hall, outside, reading my poetry to bikers about 7:15-ish p.m. this Friday May 1st.  The year is starting to cook!  Yay poetry!

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Published by

Shannon Laws

Shannon P. Laws, born in Seattle, Washington, lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. Author of three poetry books, "Madrona Grove", "Odd Little Things", and "Fallen" and an audiobook of her select mid-life dating satire poems, "You Love Me, Your Love Me Not". For seven years she produced award-winning community radio programs that promoted the PNW music/art community. Shannon's other interests include operating her voice-over company, Chickadee Productions, and Poetry Club. Since 2015 Poetry Club is dedicated to the neighborhood discussion and sharing of poetry.

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