written January 2010

This story is about a woman who is a lab created cyborg, in the way far away future. Humans are trying to perfect human and cyborg technology, and Abigail is their first success.
The DNA for this project needed to come from a pure source. Archeologist had uncovered a vault full of human DNA collected from a site dated in 2011 before human DNA made a major shift due to an epidemic. The DNA was buried and the vault’s power was able to keep charged all these years.
Unknown to the discovers this vault of DNA was a collection from people with super auras and proven skill at ESP and supernatural abilities or heighten senses. It was collected by a mega billionaire who was trying to improve himself using gene therapy.
This story will mainly be about the power of genenitics and love. The future humans don’t have an aura anymore. The spirit has left them they are only souls. Too much machine in their bodies has caused them to loose so much of their natural instinct and auras. Our hero has been “created” and has spirit and the strength to bring the human spirit back to its people. She will rise from the lab to become their MOTHER….

The night shift: The Lab is quiet, a large group of windows on the side of the room frame views of Earth and part of the space station. Two scientists walk out of their lab for a break.
“When Abigail wakes up she’ll have a mature body of a 25 year old. God, wouldn’t that be nice.”
“This one is our hottest model yet. Cybernetics are riddled through out her body, all the latest stuff, but they are INSIDE unlike this crap hanging out of me.”
“When are you going to get that fixed?”
“Next payday. It ain’t cheap either. But it’s mandatory for this pay grade.”
They both chuckle.
“You know the biggest difference with this one, Charles, is that she has a fully functional libido and womb. What would happen if she joined with one of us? A modern human? Would the nano organisms duplicate and carry into her offspring… creating the first naturally born cyborg?”
“I have been thinking about that a lot lately. And you know who else has? The Blue Coats.”
“Upper management?”
“They are frothing at the idea and have started to consider various “mates” for her. But the naturalist from C Wing refuse to see her bread like a dog and claim that “she will know him when she sees him”. As if her spirit will automatically hone in on the one that will “complete her” and be compatible to her DNA? Like natural selection or some shit?
“I say let’s let her choose, but insist that the companion be confirmed, by us, by the coats, before they reproduce.”
“I saw in the station news that hundreds of rich and famous people from the surface have ask for meetings with her only to be turned down. Even the station president has tried to earn favor with her handlers.”
“Ass holes. All of ‘em”
“I mean she’s just got out of the CGM last week. It’s all too soon.”

Down the hall Abigail awakes. She stretches and flexes her aura. A blue light faintly shines around her like a solar eclipse. She stops and stares intensely at the wall.
Abigail emits a signal like an AM antenna. Low frequency ground waves. The metal in her body amplifies her emotion and transmits. The signals are increased when she walks along the floor building up static. Abigail lifts her chin and concentrates; the signal shuts off.
She is walking through a section of the lab that is guarded by an invisible field. A bubble like wall connected to a different part of the space station. It’s like one way glass. She can see out but they can not see in. It’s the internal loading dock for the lab.
Military and maintaince crews are busy with their evening chores. She watches them in sadness; she’s not allowed to leave the lab. Then something catches her eye. Three men, large and strong, lifting and giving orders, working together, smiling joking. Her “signal” is turned on and sends out a “message” or feeling like a pheromone smell to these three men. Which one would respond? These three guys drop what they are doing and walk towards the glass bubble where she is standing, like sailors to a siren.
“What is it?”
“It there a crack in the glass?”
“I don’t know it seems to be vibrating. I’ve never seen that before.”
“Ya me neither.”
They reach out and touch the glass- it’s like they are touching her somehow.
“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”
“I wonder what those lab nuts are doing in there.”
“I don’t know. It’s warm… nice.”
“Shhhh just listen to it…”
The scientists come back from break and immediately notice Abigail is out of her room.
“Hey look! There she is…”
They watch this interaction on their security cameras. All of their gadgets and gizmos and they can’t understand it. Love and emotion bringing four people together. Like moths to light, love attracted these three to her position- she called them to her.
A blue coated man walks in with his two assistants.
“Show me the footage.”
“One of these guys is the one. Her natural selection.”
“Find out who they are. I want complete DNA and genealogy reports downloaded to me before the end of the day” said the blue coat.
“Abigail. What were you thinking? Was this a game you were playing?”
How could you want one of THESE men? They are ordinary.”
“Who said I wanted one- I want all three.”

Published by Shannon Laws

Like my writing? Want to hear me read my poetry? Please visit and download some today. Only $1.00 a poem! Shannon Laws is a Pacific Northwest poet. Her story-telling poetry has touched many hearts and minds. She is the author of four poetry books, the most recent “Fallen” published by Independent Writer’s Studio Press. Shannon has received two Mayor’s Arts Awards and the Community Champion Award for promoting local artists on community radio and encouraging peace and understanding through community poetry events. She makes her home in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

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