There are many ways to support me and my art.  You can listen to my award-winning radio programs and get inspired, come out and see me at a poetry reading, buy one of my books at Amazon, Village Books or at a reading, visit the Poem Booth on the Forest Street side of the Bellingham Community Food Co-op, have coffee with me or breakfast and share a stimulating conversation, go for a walk (I need to be walked, not house trained yet), attend a play or street fair with me, send me flowers!  I love all those things.  Hearing your feedback and knowing that you have been inspired makes me inspired, charges up my creative batteries.

If you’d like to donate a monetary gift to my work, you can send it to me via Pay Pal. I have a “day job”, but, at many times, the expense of production and printing stresses my budget. Monetary donations will support various expenses that come with producing and streaming a weekly radio program, editing, interviewing, also printing my books, travel, research, and internet storage.

NEW FOR 2018

Some specifics for 2018 include the cost of travel and readings for “Fallen” will continue into 2018.  And, there are ideas swarming for a beat jam album of “Fallen”!  Bellingham Art Beat starts production in the Fall.

I am not a 501(3)(c), nor do I have a business license yet, but your gift is most appreciated.

To send in a gift go to the PayPal link below.  The money will go directly into my PayPal account for immediate use.

Thank you for your support!



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