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Life In Writing…

Welcome to my writing page, full of stories, fresh poetry,
and adventures in my writing.
Have fun!  Explore!

2012 lettered streets
Editing at Lettered Streets Cafe off “F” Street, Bellingham

“We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
~ Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy

hoodie me
A quick selfie while sitting at my front room desk after taking a walk on the Interurban. Now is a good time to write. “What should I write today?”

In 2008, after a major shift in my life, I started to invest time and energy in my poetry.  I’ve taken a few poetry classes and shared my poetry at local open mics including The Bean, in Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island where I lived for three years.  Also in 2008 l started sharing my work and writing as an exercise on Blogger. Writing what I know, sharing work and ideas, even interviewing other authors, continues to be an effective expression.

Who reads my work?  I write to my favorite five bots and 3 data miners- the Faithful Eight. They send me “likes” every so often to boost my ego and to keep me sending money to WordPress for the domain name.

When I moved to Bellingham winter 2010 I was encouraged by the vibrant writer community. Crossing paths with many seasoned writers at various events I listened, took notes, and practiced finding my voice.  In the process of doing that I fell in love with Bellingham, started to volunteer at a radio station, and hosted Village Books Poetry Group.  I was a regular volunteer and event planner for eight good years.

As of 2019, I began to work with two vigorous non-profits that line up to my ideals. Through these positions, I’m helping more people than ever and learning more about the human condition.  Hint: we are stronger than we know.

It feels good to be a part of this town even in a little way.  I’m not locked up in the stifling existence of office to couch.  Reaching out and connecting with the other multi-interest people expands my world.

Thank you for visiting.

At my desk during a cold Northwest winter wearing my thinking hat, 2016

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