I dreamed I was married to…Willem Dafoe

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I dreamed I was married to…
Willem Dafoe


What Is This?

I dreamed I was married to Willem Dafoe.  Number two in the series of four dreams I had one week that “guest starred” a famous actor.  I’ve decided to share the dreams with you.

In this dream, Mr. Dafoe and I make a home movie. Acting in a film in your dream, according to my dream book, “Dreamer’s Dictionary” Garuda, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., could mean

“you dislike false and hypocritical people—or you are pretending to be somebody you are not. …if you are the film actor, you don’t feel comfortable around your friends. Find out who you really are.” with a note, “People and actions in a “dream-movie” are usually a mirror of your emotions.”

I like the advice “Find out who you really are” …ya, just go do that would ya.  It’s easy, like, buying bread at the grocery.

Why Dafoe?

Dafoe has been one of my favorite actors for many years, so I am not surprised he shows up in my dream.  The dream played out like a silent movie, but in color.  Mouths move, exaggerated jesters, very little sound throughout the dream, but it was my dream so of course I know what everyone is saying.  I’ve added words to help explore the action and to be able to share the dream.

Here is the dream

After a whirlwind romance I assume happens prior, William and I are living in southern California is a modern home with white furniture.  We are sitting on the couch one morning, sun shinning in through a wall of windows, the TV is on and we’re reading the newspaper.  At that moment I get an idea—

“Babe! This year is our first holiday together. How about instead of a card, we produce a video short to wish everyone a happy new year?”

Willem puts his paper down and looks at me, seriously for a moment, then a smile fills up his face, “Babe, that’s a great idea.  Let’s do it!”

He gets a pen and starts to write names

“I know a guy who can get this done for us, a camera man, script writer…”

Willem looks at me from the list

“How long do you think?”

“Like 10 minutes max.”

“Love it. Great idea. It’s happening.”


Next via the magic of dreams we are in our home meeting with a video crew discussing the pre-production of the New Years video.  Ideas are bouncing around and everyone seems excited about the project.  I am sitting there, hands folded, listening quietly.

“I have an idea.” everyone stops and listens to me in great anticipation

“What if we did something like this…”

My idea of the video visually unfolds as I speak, because of dream magic

“So, Willem is a great dramatic actor, right.  Everyone knows him, but few really know me. So how about a scene in the life of “us”, but it’s the reverse of what everyone thinks it would be like.  Like, Willem is lazy, lying around the house and I come home from my job at the mill, because why would I leave my job at the mill?  I have a great job, I love my job.

So, I come home and he’s like “Hon, party this weekend, 50 guests at our place. I noticed we have no decorations.” and I say “Don’t worry.  I got this.”  I take on the massive project, don’t solicit help from Willem or friends, I want to do it all myself.  I am having a dramatic time getting the house ready for the holiday, shopping and everything.  Like, comically dramatic.  Silly things happening, daring rescues at a toy store, saving people from a hard candy mishap, car chase, troubles with a ladder and a string of lights.  But inside the house Willem sits quietly reading listening to music at home, eating or whatever, but I’m experiencing all the drama of preparing for the holidays.”

Everyone leans forward to hear the ending.

“I come down the stairs dressed for the party that is starting in an hour. I stop at the couch to ask Willem why he’s not ready yet.  “Can you iron my shirt, I want to finish this article.” he responds. Getting my earrings on, I say “Iron your own damn shirt!” then huff out of the room.

Willem straightens out his paper and scoffs “Drama queen.”

Everyone laughs.  Big belly laughs.  They know Willem is really not like that and would never do that and HE is the REAL drama king, the king of drama.  So that is why it’s funny.”


The producer and his team explode with enthusiasm and start running around, talking on the phone, like they are getting all that video stuff together.  The director exclaims to the room “I love it! People will love it!”  He smiles and grabs Willem’s shoulder like “Where’d you find this woman?”  Willem puts his arm around me gives me a proud hug and says “This is going to be fun.”  “Well,” I confess, “The only problem is that I don’t know how to act.  I need someone to show me how to act.  Like, perhaps an award winning drama actor…” With a confident look Willem takes on the job, “I can teach you. It’s easy.  No problem!” his free hand cuts through the air in jester.

More dream magic bubbles into a montage.  It fast forwards us through the process, Willem giving me tips, I act the hell out of that movie, the finished product is sent and our friends and family love the video. The world is full of peace and love.

Best dream ever.

the REAL drama Willem DaFoe


What does it mean? 

The overall feeling of the dream is upbeat, exciting expressed through physical comedy.  Comedy has a dark side to it.  I’m thinking I’m overwhelmed in my side projects, radio show, poem booth, promotional work.  However, I don’t need to be.  There are a handful of people who help out, a network of folks and we support each other.

I’m worried about the apparent need for affirmation from a crowd of professionals…MEN.  I was basically the ONLY woman in the dream. Holy shit!
I’ve always been a goal setter and enjoyed winning trophies, certificates and being recognized for my hard work since my first award in second grade for “Most Improved in Math”.  Soccer and softball trophies collected each season felt like symbols that I was “good”.
(Oh boy…it’s getting deep.)
I’m a naturally competitive person.
I like to win.
Should I continue to embrace this attitude with the  anticipation that REAL success manifested in trophies will line my path to TRUE happiness, or perhaps discover new ways to assure myself that I am a “good” person.
What IS a GOOD person?




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