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You Love Me, You Love Me Not

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In 2018 local poet Shannon Laws wanted to perform her poetry to music. On the edge of a creative transition, she believed speaking her lines to music might help to explore reason and purpose. After asking a few friends if they knew an available stand-up bassist, she found Greg Sherman, a folk bassist, and special education teacher, from Mount Vernon. The two performed “You Love Me, You Love Me Not” LIVE  to receptive audiences. It was so much fun Shannon decided to record and offer it as an album.

This collection is a satire and embellishment of some very real moments.  It explores the adult dating experience, carries the listener through a muddy mess of emotions, passion, regret, rebound, delirious dreaming, and various other levels of pain and suffering while in the pursuit of finding love, or something close to it. The combination of Shannon’s articulation and Greg’s bass touching each stanza ever so gently creates a hypnotic journey, with each cut standing on its own. Audiences relate to these stories regardless of their age or relationship status. Own this unique album today!

Collection: 15 poems
Length: 21 minutes
Produced by: Chickadee Productions
Recorded: Alpenglow Sound Studios, 2019
Cost: $1.00/cut or $7.99/album



Currently available at Village Books on their website and in their bookstore
located in the historic Fairhaven neighborhood, Bellingham, Washington


Fallen is a collection of new poems by Pacific Northwest poet, Shannon P. Laws, her third book of poetry.  Fallen explores the trauma of loss, heartache, quiet eroticism, occasionally draped in dark humor and metaphor. This is reflective middle age work asking questions about a dark past, finding truth in the now, while confident how it all ends.

Published by: Independent Writer’s Studio Press, June 2017
Edited by: Mary Elizabeth Gillilan
Pages: 86

online cover OLT

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The 2013 Mayor’s Arts Award recipient, poet, author and community radio personality, Shannon P. Laws, celebrates glory in the little things, the odd little things to be exact.

“Odd Little Things” is a familiar ride full of piercing moments and wishes. In this, her second book of poetry, Shannon bares all making you feel like best friends at a café sharing secrets. The cycles of life seem to spin like an unforgiving stellar system for this poet. However large or small, everything matters, especially the moments you only share with yourself. Shannon says about her new book, “If ‘Madrona Grove’ is my lover, then ‘Odd Little Things’ is my child.”

ISBN-10: 0692222359
ISBN-13: 9780692222355
Published: Chickadee Productions
Edited by: Denise duMaurier
Pages: 44


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Kindle and print version available here at Amazon


Shannon P Laws takes us on a stroll through the mind, heart and the mystery of dreams in her debut collection. Her poems, like a fine picnic laid out on a blanket in the shade of her beloved Madrona, reveal treasures that hide in everyday living. This majestic tree, native to her home on San Juan Island, has skin like bark, alive to the touch. They act as a sentry on her journey through ancient emotions and primal urges that stir within.

ISBN-10: 0615745458
ISBN-13: 9780615745459
Published: Chickadee Productions
Second edition edited by: James Bertolino
Pages: 74



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